Matching Gifts & Volunteer Grants

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to double your donation!

Of all the types of donations you can make to our school, Matching Gifts and Volunteer Grant programs are the easiest way to give to SWA!  Each of these employee benefits have the potential to significantly increase your original donation!  We have the necessary tools and resources to find out if you are eligible to receive these benefits from your employer.

We can’t do this alone – we need you to take the time to find out if your employer offers these well-hidden benefits that will at least double your donation to SWA!

To find out if the company you work for offers these benefits to their full-time employees, please contact Mike Heavey, Director of Development, at 919-696-4417, and tell him the name of your employer.  He will input your employer’s name in our web-based search engine to find out if they offer Matching Gifts and/or Volunteer Grant benefits to their employees, and the amounts of their matching donation you are eligible to receive.  If your employer offers this benefit that you are entitled to, then you have the option to direct their part of the donation to SWA!

We are here to help you take advantage of these fantastic benefits that will have an immediate and direct impact on SWA!  Think of this type of employee benefit as FREE MONEY, and how much this will help our school offer the best education to our students.

Matching Gifts and Volunteer Grants are offered to millions of employees in the US, but are rarely taken advantage of due to the lack of communication and information that is made available by most companies.  To enlighten our constituents about these well-hidden giving benefits, please read the following definitions of Matching Gifts and Volunteer Grants that apply to our school’s development program, and read the following Questions and Answers to have a better understanding of how they relate to our families and stakeholders.

Matching Gifts: is an employer benefit that matches their employee’s donation to qualified nonprofit organizations.  Most employers agree to match their employee’s donation dollar-for-dollar, up to a specified sum.  In most cases, this benefit will at least double the amount of your original donation.

For instance, if you worked for Verizon, their matching gifts benefit offers their employees one dollar for each dollar donated up to $5,000.   If your plans are to donate $500 to SWA, and wanted to exercise this benefit with Verizon, they will agree to match your donation of $500 to SWA.  Verizon will require proof that SWA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and they will provide a form for you to fill out to authorize them to pay their donation to SWA.  Also, the Verizon employee will receive a Donor Receipt acknowledging their $250 donation from the Office of Development to claim their donation as a tax deduction to the IRS.

Volunteer Grants: also, known as, “dollars for doers” program, is a corporate giving program created to encourage volunteerism in communities where employees live and work.   There are two ways to receive this grant from your employer:

  1. Employer pays a set monetary donation for every hour an employee volunteers.
  2. A set grant amount once employees reach a certain threshold, usually 10 hours.

If your employer offers these benefits, please contact Mike Heavey, Director of Development, to take advantage of this great opportunity to further support SWA.  We will help you secure the benefits you are eligible for, and process any paperwork required by your employer.

Questions and Answers

All kinds of companies in the US, including corporations, small businesses, public or private firms, franchise operations, and even nonprofits offer these giving benefits to their employees.

Matching Gifts and Volunteer Grants are free money that nonprofits often miss out on because of limited information available from employer’s complex company giving programs.  Take the time to ask your employer if they offer these programs, so that you can take advantage of your employee benefits. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the employee to exercise their employer’s benefits.

Many companies publish a Corporate Citizenship policy that states their social, cultural and environmental responsibilities to the community in which it seeks a license to operate, as well encouraging volunteerism in the communities their employees live and work.  This is a well-hidden benefit from most employees, and that is why we encourage everyone to take the time to find this information for themselves.

Most companies that employ more than 50 full-time employees, have a Human Resources department to manage their employees benefits and payroll.  Their local or national HR department should offer helpful information and provide access to any paperwork or documents to process your giving benefits you are entitled to receive.  Also, it is recommended to see your employer’s website to determine their giving programs and policies.

Yes!  SWA is designated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization by the IRS.  Our school should be eligible for most employer’s matching gifts and volunteer grant programs.  It is very common for public and private companies to support education, and this includes publicly funded charter schools.

Yes!  Thousands of companies offer both giving benefits, and their employees use both benefits to increase the amounts they donate to their favorite charities and nonprofits.  If you can take advantage of your employer benefits, it will be the greatest way to increase your contribution to SWA, without costing you a dime.  Remember, it is up to you to ask your employer if they offer these benefits!

What is the Annual Fund?

The SWA Annual Fund is the unrestricted financial home of all fundraising efforts and donations for Southern Wake Academy.  Our voluntary gifts come from SWA families, teachers, administrators, staff, board of directors, alumnae, members of the community, and Friends of SWA.

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Mission Statement

Southern Wake Academy’s mission is to utilize an integrated, community-based curriculum to sustain a challenging and supportive learning environment for students of all ability levels, particularly those students whose success has been deemed “at-risk” in traditional school settings. SWA will provide an engaging environment where student develop an understanding of life-long learning and citizenship by participating in internships in a variety of community settings.

Giving Information

Our IRS nonprofit status as a 501(c)3, allows every donation to be considered a charitable gift and is tax deductible to the maximum extent of the law. We encourage our donors to consult with their tax advisors to ensure their donations meet IRS requirements.


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