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The Southern Wake Academy Office of Development is committed to creating new opportunities for all students and staff at SWA.  We need your financial support to implement academic and educational priorities that will have a direct and immediate impact on all our students and their teachers.  To address the needs of supporting our top priorities, including cultural arts, technology, tutoring, athletics, transportation, extra-curricular and enrichment programs, our school has created the SWA Annual Fund for which we will seek donations from our families, foundations, corporations, and members of our local community that share our united vision.

Everyone here at SWA hopes you will donate a financial gift to help us accomplish our educational and academic goals.  No matter how big or small your donation, your participation is what truly matters for improving the academic life our students!

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We would like to thank our corporate sponsors!

We are deeply grateful to our current and new supporters who have made SWA a philanthropic priority.  Our IRS nonprofit status as a 501(c)3, allows every donation to be considered a charitable gift and is tax deductible to the maximum extent of the law.  We encourage our donors to consult with their tax advisors to ensure their donations meet IRS requirements.       

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